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When was the last time you tried to sneak out of the house without your spouse or kids hearing you? Oh, you were being ‘good’ – you were planning a wonderful surprise and had to pick up a few last minute items. You ever-so-quietly grabbed the keys and your purse or wallet, then slowly crept through the door leading out to the garage. You silently opened the car door and even closed it without the slightest sound. Impressive! Everyone was on the other end of the house, so all was good to go – you made it! Until…

you hit the garage door button and the screeching brought the whole clan up wondering who was home or who was leaving! Caught! “Where are you going?” “Can I come?” “Why were you trying to sneak out?”

So much for the surprise…

Maybe it’s time for a little garage door lubricating! Your garage door needs a little regular  maintenance to keep it operating smoothly and safely. Geauga Door technicians perform tune-ups hundreds of times each year. For a thorough job, call and set up an appointment.

If you prefer to do it yourself, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Wipe out tracks, or vacuum if needed, to remove debris that may catch the rollers.
  • Put a drop of regular engine oil on each roller and allow the rolling action to draw it into the bearings. Do not use grease as a lubricant as it will just gum up the tracks and collect debris.
  • Lightly lubricate any bearings and garage door hinges.
  • Check the spring to make sure that it is lightly lubricated. If it gets dried out, it will clump and jam up your system.
  • If you have a chain-drive system, make sure the chain is lubricated.
  • Check the garage door itself and lightly oil connections. 

If this sounds a bit too time consuming and you aren’t feeling up to the challenge, our technicians can do it in a jiffy! As an overhead door company that has been in business since 1967, we know all about repairs and maintenance! Give us a call today.

A garage door is a good sized investment for any home owner. Take time for proper maintenance, and you will enjoy years of trouble free operation. And the next time you need to sneak out, you won’t get the third degree!

What is the longest period of time you have gone without getting a haircut? Three months? Six months? A year? Anyone gone over 16 months?

I imagine some of you ladies would say yes to each of these time periods.

But what about you guys out there? How long have you gone?

Charlie didn’t cut a single hair for over 16 months, and it was grueling for this middle-aged, gray-haired employee at Geauga Door in Burton! Never before had he done such a thing. “I have a lot more respect for women with long hair now!” he says.

Charlie and his coworker Ron have both been on a mission these past many months to grow their hair out so they can donate it to organizations who will then either sell it to make wigs for children or use it for adults who have lost hair due to treatments for cancer.

It actually began with Ron. A couple of years ago while in the hospital for tests, he had to walk through the children’s ward. What he saw broke his heart as he encountered many children who had lost all their hair due to treatments for cancers of various types. Wanting to help in some way, he made the decision to grow his hair, also gray, which could be cut and sold and the money used to make wigs for these children.

Not long after, Charlie’s youngest grandson was discovered to have enlarged lymph nodes. Although we all know cancer is everywhere, and we all know people who have suffered as a result, it’s still something that happens to other people…until it strikes someone close to us or even ourselves. After tests, this little guy was found to be clear of cancer, but the scare was pretty severe. Enough to cause Charlie to join Ron in his efforts to get involved and do something to help.

Though 16 months is a long time and it was anything but pleasant, especially as the hot weather settled in on that thick, bushy layer of insulation resting atop of Charlie’s head, it was still a small sacrifice in comparison. But, finally, the day came when it had reached the minimum 10” length required for Locks of Love to accept it.

Kristen, an independent stylist whom Ron contacted, came to Geauga Door on May 20, scissors and shaver in hand! Stacey, Social Media Manager and Creative Designer at Geauga News, showed up as well with her own tool – a camera! She took a total of 85 pictures. Here you will see the amazing transformation from ‘bush baby’ to the re-emergence of the clean cut man! Note the smile!


Ron is still struggling to reach that minimum length requirement, even though he began the hair growing before Charlie. Poor Ron….keep him in your thoughts. (smile)

Geauga Door has a wonderful family of employees. You can’t help but sense that when you walk into the office. Stop by and see Charlie – the new man – and give Ron a little encouragement while you’re there as well. And thank both of them for their commitment to help make the world a little better place for all.

Summer vacation for children has just about arrived. Whether you are glad or sad over that fact could be the subject of an entire blog post itself! But one thing is for sure – children will be out of school and they will be in and out of the garage much more. Is your overhead door ready for them?

How often do you concern yourself with the safe operation of your garage door? If you’re like most people, probably not much – until you happen to hear or see something quite out of the ordinary. You simply take for granted that it will open and close properly and that it is safe. And most of the time it does, thankfully!

Unfortunately, garage doors play a role in thousands of injuries every year. Figures by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) are frequently seen online stating that between 20,000 – 30,000 people visit emergency rooms each year for garage related injuries. No verifiable link is ever shown, but here is a chart by the CPSC which does confirm the fact that injuries do occur, some severe. It is seven years old and we can assume that manufacturers have improved safety features since then, but that doesn’t mean children (or adults) need not bother with practical safety measures.





10 Garage Door Safety Tips

Children are definitely more susceptible to garage door injuries than adults, but injuries can happen to people of all ages. Why not take a few minutes and establish some simple safety rules for your home and review them with your children? Remember – the average weight of a garage door is 400 pounds! Unless you are some kind of superhero, you are no match against a falling garage door!

1. Garage door openers are not toys. Young children should never have access to them.

2. Mount the garage door opener control button out of the reach of small children (at least five feet from the floor) and where you have a clear view of the door.

3.Test your garage door opener’s reversing mechanism monthly by placing a full roll of paper towels in the door’s path. If the door does not reverse after contacting the object, call Geauga Door immediately!

4.If you do not know how to use your garage door opener’s emergency release feature, read your owner’s manual until you do or ask your Geauga Door technician to show you.

5. Do not allow children to play under or near any garage door, especially when the door is open or moving. It should never be considered a game to duck the door.

6. Keep an eye on the door until it is fully closed or opened to prevent any child or pet from entering or exiting.

7. Keep fingers and hands away from door sections when the door is opening or closing to avoid injury.

8. Never attempt to repair a garage door’s springs or cables. These are under extreme tension and can cause severe injury or even death. Call Geauga Door!

9. If your new teen driver backs into the door (or, heaven forbid – YOU do!) have the door inspected even if it doesn’t look damaged. The operating system may have become misaligned and wear prematurely – an accident waiting to happen.

10.Call Geauga Door for annual maintenance checks. A trained service technician is your best bet against a faulty system. He will also inform you of specific things you can watch for, what you can do yourself, and when you need a professional.

How long has it been since your garage door was thoroughly inspected? If more than a year has passed, the safest way to start your summer is to call Geauga Door and make an appointment for a general maintenance check. You could save yourself a lot of money with an ounce of prevention, save yourself or family injury, and have peace of mind – isn’t that worth it?



800-654-Door (3667)

or contact us


“We are a service company. If you do service, it isn’t always convenient, but you do it anyway.”

Tom Blair, Owner of Geauga Door Sales & Service

It’s 3 a.m. The phone rings. A voice on the other end is frantic. “Our plane leaves in a few hours. What can we do…our [garage] door won’t open!” What would you do if you were the owner of the garage door company? “I drove over and fixed it.” That’s what Tom Blair did!

In 1985, Tom heard a fire siren go off. Once again, it’s the middle of the night. “Do you have an emergency crew standing by?” the man asked. One of Troy’s first responders had come in and started the truck up. Not realizing it had been left in reverse, he had gotten out for a minute. It started moving backward until it pushed the whole door out into the driveway. The temperature was below zero. “Really smashed the door to smithereens!” says Tom as he recalls the story. What did he do? He went over and fixed it, of course!

That’s part of the reason Geauga Door has been around since 1967. You won’t receive better service anywhere else. Service companies serve people – whether it’s convenient or not. ’”With very few exceptions there is a live person that answers the phone 24/7 or gets back in a short time. We’re old fashioned in that way,” says Tom.

In the Beginning…there was a trucker

For 25 years, Tom was driving for Geauga Trucking. During that time, he not only drove, but had plenty of opportunity to exercise his repair skills as well. He loves fixing things. “If you tell me I can’t fix it, I’ll find a way.” Can you imagine a world where everyone thought like that!

Tom found out about Geauga Door after Chuck Molnar, owner of Geauga Door at that time, came to Geauga Trucking on a repair call. As a fellow ‘fixer,’ Tom took an interest in what he was doing. Since he had been in trucking for so many years, he was feeling ready for a career change, so not long after, he began working for Chuck.

Chuck, who began the business from his Burton home in 1967, spent a period of time training Tom, then in 1985, he sold the company to him. In 1998, Geauga Door moved to their present location on Route 87 in Burton where they have remained the last 16 years.

Happy Employees Speak Volumes

If you spend any time at all in the office of Geauga Door, you’ll instantly sense that they are a close knit group. It’s quite obvious Tom’s staff likes being a part of this company, and he is extremely grateful for the quality of people he has employed. Having good employees and keeping them has been one of the most rewarding aspects of his business. “We make our people feel they are needed and wanted and part of the business. Ronnie has been with us since he was 15 – he’s 43 now.” That’s a testimony in itself! Tom says of his work crew, “They are our biggest asset.”

Tell Tale Signs


Even if you have not yet become familiar with the Geauga Door family, you have most likely taken note of the sign that sits out front of their building on Route 87. As of this writing it says,

‘If things go wrong, do not go with them!’

“We’ve had the sign about seven years. We’re always looking for something clever. Everyone contributes. We’ve had people drive by, turn around, and come back. One woman… came back into the office and said, ‘You’ve made my day!’” In addition to the many fun or thoughtful sayings, they also advertise events for the community and promote local fundraisers.

Giving Back

Some people talk about giving back to their communities. Tom just does it. Community is very important to him, and he’s been involved in numerous organizations, fundraisers, and events over the years. He’s been very active in the Burton Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club of Burton-Middlefield. He was also mayor of Burton Village from 2008 – 2011 and is currently on the Burton Village Council.


Every winter, Geauga Door joins in the Cub Scout (#197) chili cook off event. “We’ve actually won four years in a row now. It’s the whole team; John the salesman, Charlie, Donna… everyone puts in their two cents. It’s very good chili! We have a secret ingredient,” which he would not divulge, of course!


On April 19, 2014, Tom was inducted into the Geauga County Maple Syrup Hall of Fame. Since high school, Tom has been a part of the Geauga County maple syrup community, which has a reputation like no other for producing the finest syrup in the country, though no one needs to tell any Geauga County resident about that! “I can taste the difference and know which syrup is from the Geauga producers,” he says.

Residential and Commercial Garage Door & Operator Services

Geauga Door has been serving customers for over 45 years and is the largest garage door company in Geauga County. Because of their large volume with manufacturers, they are able to pass on the savings to you.

Services also available:

  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Same Day Service
  • Semi-Annual Preventative Maintenance
  • Annual Commercial Fire Door Drop Testing
  • Spring Replacement
  • All Other Major and Minor Door & Operator Repairs

And if you’re looking for the highest value-returning home improvement investments, then a garage door replacement is the way to go!

In 2013, midrange garage door replacements ranked at #11 for the Cleveland area. In one year’s time, they have moved up to #3. And upscale door replacements occupy the #1 slot in 2014!

You really can’t go wrong with Geauga Door. Quality people, offering quality service 24 hours a day, every day.

Call them for a free estimate!


Geauga Door Sales & Service, Inc.
14249 Kinsman Road
Burton, OH, 44021

toll free: 800-654-Door (3667)

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April 30, 2014

“Isham Cross said he noticed a window screen had been removed from his storage building and that a garage door opener was missing. Further investigation revealed the garage door opener had possibly been moved to another location, but it was never located.”

April 25, 2014

“Thieves Steal Garage Door Openers To Use In Home Break-ins”

Jan 13, 2014

“The thieves are stealing garage door openers and taking car registration information from the glove box. More than a half-dozen people reported break ins.”

These are indeed disturbing reports.

But these are common forms of home burglary. Open garage doors or garage doors that are accessed using a stolen garage door opener are invitations for thieves to ‘come on in.’ Many homeowners fail to realize that many thieves drive around looking for open garage doors from which they can help themselves to the contents.

Always keep your garage door closed.

Many people think they don’t have to worry about thieves in their neighborhood because it’s a safe neighborhood. But that’s exactly where thieves go to steal. It takes but a few seconds to open a car door and grab the operator or other belongings.

Also important is to keep the door leading from the garage into your home locked. If a thief breaks into your garage, don’t give him an open invite into your home as well.

Keep your door operator with you.
Don’t leave the garage remote attached to the visor in your vehicle! Either lock the remote in a secure place such as the glove box or invest in a remote you can attach to your key ring.

If you have concerns about the safety of your residential or commercial garage door or operator, give us a call. We service all makes and models of doors and operators and would be happy to answer any questions.


Call us today!


If you’re looking for the highest value-returning home improvement investments, then a garage door replacement is the way to go!


Check out these 2014 charts from Remodeling’s Cost vs Value site which compares average cost for 35 popular remodeling projects with the value those projects retain at resale in 101 U.S. cities. Find your city, then arrange the order by clicking any of the arrows in the Project row at the top. These charts are ordered according to Cost Recouped for both midrange and upscale garage door replacements. Pretty impressive stats!



In 2013, Midrange garage door replacements ranked at #11 for the Cleveland area. In one year’s time, they have moved up to #3. And Upscale door replacements? Number 6 in 2013…and look where they are now! Sitting right on top!


Trends continue on the upswing as well.


If you are considering a home improvement project, you can’t go wrong with a garage door addition or replacement. You can’t escape the value of that first impression your home generates from the curbside. Upgrading a garage door is often the one project that is affordable and can make a huge difference when selling your home as to whether onlookers will consider a first look. And it could be the determining factor for those home buyers considering a second look.  Aside from that, why wouldn’t you want your home to look beautiful during all the years you live in it!


Geauga Door has been in business since 1967 and is the largest door company in Geauga County which allows us to pass on great savings to our customers.Whether making a first time purchase, upgrading, or requiring repair and maintenance, we are here to serve you.

Call us today!


For those who have lived in Geauga County for any length of time, March is not the beginning of the  spring season. It’s the beginning of maple season! Spring just happens to occur around the same time, not the other way around. And from the perspective of an 8 year old boy, which would you be more inclined to associate March with – the sweet fragrance of a golden yellow flower or the sweet fragrance of the rich golden brown maple sap boiling away in kettles the size of elephants (remember – he was 8 years old)! Probably a few secret tastings as well….

Tom Blair will tell you that if you place two spoonfuls of maple syrup in front of him, one from a Geauga County producer and one from an out-of-county producer, he can taste the difference – without peeking! How? “There’s maple syrup running in my veins,” he says. It must be the kind that he has been helping to produce for over 54 years now. If it’s true that we become like those whom we spend the most time with, then perhaps all those years spent in the industry have had a similar effect. He knows his own ‘kin.’

Garage Door Repair

Tom was 8 years old when he first made maple syrup, and by the time he was a teenager, he was gathering sap for the Burton Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber built the Burton Log Cabin on the square in the center of town and opened in 1931, just in time for maple season. Since 1936, they have been instrumental in marketing the maple syrup industry. Tom, who has been tree-tapping since 1960, took over the role of the chair of the log cabin committee in 1980, and 54 years later he is still actively involved.

As the official buyer of syrup, all of the producers Tom deals with know him as an honest, fair person as they sell the fruit of their hard work. Only those who have made maple syrup can appreciate the labor involved, and Tom has great respect for all the individuals he deals with as he purchases their crop.

Working with producers requires that he delivers clean barrels to them in early spring. He then drives his own personal truck back out to pick up the product; grades the syrup in front of the producer for color and brix; loads the syrup on his truck; returns to the cabin to weigh the syrup carefully; writes a check for the syrup; then drives the check back to the producer.

Managing the syrup throughout the year requires transfer from barrels (canning) into containers of all sizes. This entails starting the heating process at 5:30 in the morning. After it reaches temperatures hot enough for the others to help can, it requires blending of various barrels with various qualities of color and brix to ensure a high quality product sold in the cabin. He also chooses barrels from producers to be used as candy and then sets these barrels (400 lbs each) up in racks. The cabin takes great pride in its candy.

Tom does not only buy, grade, and can syrup, he has been a dependable, dedicated overseer of cabin operations. He is the “Mr. Fixit” who has repaired and sealed the roof many times, changed light fixtures, fixed drains and toilets, insulated and built the “cool” barrel storage room, and performed countless other repairs which have preserved the cabin as a center of tourism and a place of historical significance.

Tom serves on many Chamber of Commerce committees and, in particular, the Oxtoberfest Committee. He continues flipping pancakes to this day for the Rotary, which dates back to his earlier years of participation at the fire station. Tom was Mayor of Burton Village from 2008 – 2011 and is currently on the Burton Village Council. He is a member of the Geauga County Historical Society, the NFIB, and the NRA. Tom has worked for Cleveland Fireliner and Geauga Truck, and since 1985, has owned Geauga Door.

Tom says that he made a promise to himself that he would keep the tradition of those who walked ahead of him. And that he is doing!

Since 1984, The Geauga County Maple Syrup Hall of Fame has been recognizing those who have been  an important part of the maple syrup industry here in Geauga County with an annual induction ceremony. Tom Blair is the 2014 inductee chosen for this honor. The Geauga County Maple Syrup Hall of Fame officially welcomed him on April 19 at Mary Yoder’s Amish Kitchen in Middlefield.




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