During the winter a lot of things can go wrong around the house. This is also true for your garage door. Keep reading to learn about common garage door problems you may experience in the winter. By knowing and preparing yourself, you’ll be ready to take action to solve these problems quickly.

Metal Contracts in the Winter

Because cold temperatures can cause metal to contract, keep an eye on the metal components of your garage door this season. The springs, screws, and other pieces could possibly seize up and cause a garage door malfunction. If this does happen, call a professional to solve your problem right away as dealing with it yourself can be dangerous.

Fortunately, you can help reduce the chances that the metal pieces in your garage door will contract by applying lubricant.  A good 30 weight. oil will be fine

Broken Springs 

The average garage door system usually includes springs to keep the weight of the door balanced. Like everything, these springs can eventually break. Unfortunately, this occurs most frequently in the winter months so if your garage door has problems and doesn’t work, this may be the reason. If your garage door needs to have springs replaced, you must call a professional to do a job like this.

Weather Stripping Failure

If water freezes near the closed garage door, the weather stripping may stick to the ground. When the door is raised, the weather strip might be torn off. The common garage door problem will leave you with poor insulation. Fortunately, prevention is simple. Sweep away any snow or water puddles near your closed garage door to protect your weather stripping.

Cold temperatures and winter weather can put an unnecessary strain on your garage door. Being aware of the common garage door problems in the winter will help you take steps to prevent them and deal with them quickly. Because garage door repairs can be overwhelming and potentially dangerous, we recommend you contact a professional to take care of your garage door problems this winter.