Maintenance of your garage door is essential for optimum performance and safety. No one wants to be on the way out for that critical 8 am appointment with the boss only to find they are trapped in their own garage! If you own a garage, then regular maintenance is essential.

Geauga Door is a professional garage door repair service that offers a semi-annual preventative maintenance program.

There are two major parts in a garage door that need to be checked regularly for repairs or maintenance. When you contract with us, we will inspect the metal tracks inside the garage to see if the mounting brackets that hold the metal tracks together are lose. If so, we will fasten and tighten them. We also check inside the door for dents, crimps, and flat spots. Any areas that are damaged will be repaired unless they are damaged, then the tracks will be replaced. The tracks will also be checked to make sure that they are properly aligned and will be cleaned to remove rust and dirt and wiped to make sure they are dry.

Any loose hardware and parts in the garage door will be inspected and tightened as needed. Tensions and springs will be looked over to make sure they are working optimally. If the garage door is a slide door, we test to see that it slides smoothly along the rail with ease. The bearings will be cleaned, dried, and greased. If it is a roll up garage door, then the gears, rollers and tension will be checked to make sure that they are all functioning properly. Any parts that cannot be repaired will be replaced with new ones.

By employing the services of our professional company, you are guaranteed a fully functional and safe garage door and will never have to miss that critical appointment! That’s why Geauga Door is the leading garage door repair company in this region as well as the leading provider of new garage doors. We check all parts professionally and use the right tools to repair your garage door the right way.


If you have maintenance or repair question, call today: 440-834-4949