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Because the right garage door can have a significant impact on your home’s curb appeal, you want to make a great decision. It has probably been awhile since you last shopped for a new garage door so sifting through all buying factors can be tough.

To make the process easier for you, we’ve compiled this easy-to-read list that gets right to the point. Whether you want to upgrade or get a replacement, these 10 tips will help you choose the best garage door for you.

 1. Garage Door Design and Styles

If you spend just a few minutes looking through your garage door selection, you may be surprised at how many design and style options you have. Since your garage is part of your home’s exterior, its style and design should compliment your overall home’s style. Take a look at your options and choose what looks best for your home. For example, the carriage style garage door will give your home the storybook farmhouse look while a contemporary aluminum door or glass door will offer a dramatic compliment to your modern home’s exterior.

2. Garage Door Windows

If you want your new garage door to look even better, windows undoubtedly will take it to the next level. Not only do they enhance your home’s curb appeal and beauty, windows are a great way to allow natural light inside. Windows easily transform a gloomy garage into a welcoming space. If you are concerned about the cold weather, double-paned windows offer a simple solution that will allow the sun to shine while keeping the cold out.

3. Garage Door Material

Garage doors usually come constructed from wood, steel, vinyl, or aluminum. Choosing the garage door material depends on your preferences and desires. The first is look. Wood can offer more customized options and give your home a ornate look. Most commonly garage doors are made from steel. Vinyl doors are durable in harsh weather and aluminum doors offer a sophisticated look.

4. Considering Upkeep

When selecting the material your garage door is made of you may want to consider upkeep expenses. Wood doors, though stunning, do require painting or staining every few years. However, this minimal effort really increases your home’s curb appeal. Steel doors are durable and only require occasional cleaning and maintenance. Vinyl doors last even longer, never need to be painted, and don’t rust. Aluminum doors are low maintenance.

5. Insulation

Choosing a garage door with excellent insulation will keep your utility bill costs down both in the winter and summer. If you plan to use your garage as a work space or a social space, insulation is vital. Insulation of a garage door is expressed in R-Value. A higher R-Value reduces outside noise and keeps the temperature stable. When shopping for a garage door with insulation, do not be fooled by the door’s thickness – look for a high R-Value instead.

6. Garage Door Safety

As the largest moving piece of equipment in most households, make sure you new garage door is safe for everyone. Some garage doors are equipped with pinch-resistant features that push fingers away from harm when the door is closing. Your new door should be equipped with a garage door reversal function.

7. Garage Door Spring System

Your garage door is opened and closed with the counterbalance spring system. The opener only provides the initial push to get the door moving while the springs do the rest of the work. The springs are wound tightly when the door is closed and unwind to push the door up. When choosing your next garage door, ensure this vital mechanism is as sturdy and strong as your new door is beautiful.

8. Warranty

Many garage door manufactures offer you a warranty when you purchase a new door. For example C.H.I. Overhead Doors offers an excellent warranty against splitting, cracking and rusting.

9. Cost

When upgrading your garage door, you must consider the cost. Though you should get what you want, finding a garage door company that offers quality at an affordable rate is important. You deserve to get the best product for your money. Because we are the largest garage door company in Geauga County, we can offer better rates because of our large volume with manufactures.

10. Service Quality

If you are considering getting a new garage door, always consider the quality of the installation service. If some company does a bad job, you will end of paying for it in maintenance and repair costs before long. Always look for positive testimonials and reviews.

Although choosing the best garage door for your home might feel like a big task, these 10 tips will make it easier for you. We offer free estimates for people considering buying a new garage door. Contact us today if you have any questions.

Your garage door is the gateway to your home. In the winter it months it keeps you warm and protects your vehicles from the elements. If you have a garage door that needs to be fixed, whether it is on your home or your business property, you might want to make sure that a professional takes care of the repairs if something breaks.


If you try to fix garage door repairs yourself, you may end up causing another problem or making your situation even worse by doing the wrong thing. In this case, it is best to hire a professional. If you do not have the correct knowledge or the necessary expertise, odds are that you will cause more damage instead of fixing the problem.


If you have had no training in fixing garage doors, you have no on-the-job knowledge and may be unaware of how to keep yourself safe while attempting to fix a problem. It is not only smarter but also safer to hire a garage door specialist instead of fixing problems yourself. Remember to keep you and your family safe and hire a professional. The following are five garage door repairs that you should not do yourself. Keep your family safe by hiring a professional for the job.


1. Bent Track

To make the movements of your garage door smooth, it goes up and down by rolling on the tracks. If these tracks become broken or bent, your garage door will not function property and can be a dangerous hazard to you, your family or people at your business. Make sure to call a professional right away to fix this problem. You will be happy that a professional finished the job in a safe manner.

2. Garage Door Panel Replacement

When one or more of the outside panels of your garage door need to be replaced, a professional is the right person for the job. Panel replacement is a lot more than just a cosmetic problem. Not only will it be safer to hire a professional to do the job, but he or she will also be able to tell you why the problem occurred in the first place and offer tips on how to avoid having this problem in the future.

3. Roller Replacement

One of the more common problems people face is having their garage door rollers bend or break. Since these mechanisms are constantly in motion as you open and close your door, they may eventually become worn out and need to be replaced. If you decide to do this yourself, you might end up wasting a substantial amount of time on this repair. A professional will save you the risk of getting hurt because he or she has experience and will also do the job much more quickly.

4. Spring Replacement

Occasionally, one or more of the springs in your garage door may break and the door will not function as it used to. This may be frustrating and you might want to try to fix this problem yourself. However, without the proper training, the right tools and garage door equipment, replacing a spring can actually be very dangerous. To reduce risks and keep you and your family safe, hire a garage door professional to come and perform this repair for you.

5. Broken Cables

In order for your garage door to function correctly and safely, the cables on your door must be in working order. Since these cables are constantly under a lot of pressure from your heavy garage door, it can be dangerous to you if you do not know how to handle this repair properly. Repairing garage door cables requires a lot of expertise and a professional garage door repair specialist will be able to make this fix safely.

When it comes to making garage door repairs it is usually safer to hire a professional. Not only will it save hours of your time, but you can also rest assured that the work will be done well. Contact us today for a consultation so you can be sure that your garage door operates properly.

Keeping your garage and home safe by locking your doors is obviously a no brainer. And yet how many of us keep our remote openers on the visor of our cars for our own easy access?

Or do you ever wonder how easy it might be for someone to hack your garage door code and enter your garage, home, or both?

At the very least, you should be placing your opener in a hidden spot in your car if you choose to leave it inside.

But if your overhead garage door opener is over 15 years old, then now may be a good time to consider purchasing a new one. It certainly would make it a lot more difficult, in fact, near impossible, to access your garage.

Out with the Old; In with the New

If your garage door opener was made before 1999, it’s time to replace it with something more secure. Not only are many of these older units discontinued by most manufacturers, but finding parts can be difficult.

Today’s garage door openers come with safety features like rolling code technology. Every time you use that remote control, a new code is selected from an infinite number of combinations making copying your frequency impossible. Many new openers even come with a safety switch lock that disables all remote access so when you’re away on vacation, or even for the whole winter, you know your home is under maximum protection.

More features that are available today from many manufacturers of modern garage door openers include:

  • monitor and control your garage door and house lights remotely by using a computer or smartphone
  • electronically programing security codes from a multi-function control panel
  • whole-garage lighting with adjustable light time delay
  • safety sensors that project an invisible light beam across the garage door opening and automatically reverses the door if anything interrupts the beam while door is going down
  • sensing technology which will stop the door from closing if contact is made with a person or object
  • warning system which provides audible and visual warnings that the garage door is about to close
  • manual release handle in case of power failure

Though we can’t help you with where you choose to place your remote operator, we can help you find the best replacement for your out-of-date model which will provide maximum security for your home and maximum peace of mind for you. Call us today!

Geauga Door Garage Door Repair Services

You bought a home about 15 years ago with an overhead garage door. You have had to repair the opener 3 or 4 times since then. You just paid $100 a month ago for a repair and now there is another problem! How long should a garage door opener last? Is it time to replace it?

Garage door openers tend to last a long time…some 20 years. If you are paying out $100 each month, it’s pretty obvious you should make arrangements for its burial! There are, however, some good reasons to consider replacing an opener even if it appears to be working fine. Here are a five questions to ask yourself:

1. Does the opener have a safety reversal?

Since 1993, reversal mechanisms have been required to be present on all garage door openers. If your opener was installed before 1993 yet still appears to be working fine, or if this feature no longer works, it should be replaced. This safety feature senses when objects pass underneath the door while in operation and will automatically reverse. Children, pets, and cars can be saved from serious harm, as the door will immediately stop and reverse.

2. Does your garage door opener wake you (and the neighbors) up at night?

If so, better to keep your neighbors as friends and install a new opener! A new opener will almost certainly be quieter.

Many older garage door openers employ a chain drive. If you can see something that looks like a bicycle chain near the motor unit of your opener, consider replacing it with a screw drive or belt drive garage door opener. But even a newer model chain drive unit should not be as noisy as the older models. 

3. Does your remote use a fixed code?

Older remote controls function with a fixed code and someone with a special device could sit outside your house, find the code, and break in. Now garage door openers come with a rolling code feature. It changes the code every time the unit is used. Duplicating the code is no longer possible.

4. Do you still use a key to open your garage door?

Nowadays, a keypad is mounted outside the garage that opens the door when you enter the correct code. You may be able to buy a keypad to install with your existing garage door opener. If not, though, this might be a good reason to upgrade. Plus, some newer keypad units eliminate the need to remember a code. They operate by touch, using fingerprint detection to open the door. Just another great safety feature.

5. Does your garage door opener have battery backup?

Power outages are a very real and serious problem for the homeowner without a battery backup! To be unable to leave home in an emergency because the door won’t open can be devastating. A battery backup system that will kick in automatically when you lose electrical power and is definitely worth considering as you contemplate replacing your garage door opener.

Geauga Door carries the most up to date models of safe, reliable garage door openers. If you aren’t sure whether you should replace yours or not, give us a call. We are the area’s oldest overhead door company. Since 1967 we have been serving customers and have worked with all makes and models of door openers both old and new.


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April 30, 2014

“Isham Cross said he noticed a window screen had been removed from his storage building and that a garage door opener was missing. Further investigation revealed the garage door opener had possibly been moved to another location, but it was never located.”

April 25, 2014

“Thieves Steal Garage Door Openers To Use In Home Break-ins”

Jan 13, 2014

“The thieves are stealing garage door openers and taking car registration information from the glove box. More than a half-dozen people reported break ins.”

These are indeed disturbing reports.

But these are common forms of home burglary. Open garage doors or garage doors that are accessed using a stolen garage door opener are invitations for thieves to ‘come on in.’ Many homeowners fail to realize that many thieves drive around looking for open garage doors from which they can help themselves to the contents.

Always keep your garage door closed.

Many people think they don’t have to worry about thieves in their neighborhood because it’s a safe neighborhood. But that’s exactly where thieves go to steal. It takes but a few seconds to open a car door and grab the operator or other belongings.

Also important is to keep the door leading from the garage into your home locked. If a thief breaks into your garage, don’t give him an open invite into your home as well.

Keep your door operator with you.
Don’t leave the garage remote attached to the visor in your vehicle! Either lock the remote in a secure place such as the glove box or invest in a remote you can attach to your key ring.

If you have concerns about the safety of your residential or commercial garage door or operator, give us a call. We service all makes and models of doors and operators and would be happy to answer any questions.


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